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The files within your directory will need to be readable by the user nginx is running as. I usually leave these files set to a (the same as the directory). You can change the entire directory by doing sudo chmod -R /var/www/nginx-default/. Both static files and PHP work in nginx web root (ip/ or ip/, static files also work in user directories (ip/~user/ however PHP is giving in user directories. Both NGINX and Apache2 would not allow one to peruse or operate in the other directory even if they are both running www-data as group. Placing each directory tree under their own user permission would allow each user to ssh/login to a UNIX system and keep their directories private to each - just don't put each user into the www-data group.

• Per user web directories nginx •

User-based Website Directories with Nginx. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. When configuring a web server (Nginx, in my case), most people Create a new user for each of its customers with very restricted permissions. Nginx does not have the right to read the users files. Files in web directories should be world readable (chmod or ) and directories. Userdir for common users to open their site in the home directories. text-align : center;"> Nginx UserDir Test Page. How to Password Protect Web Directories in Nginx Nginx Password Protect Web Directory htpasswd: Create Nginx User Password File. 2.

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Set up password protected directories using htaccess

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