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The famous pale blue dot image taken by Voyager was made possible by Carl Sagan, and in a way an important inspiration for Cosmos. Are there good high resolution posters based on that image that I can buy or print myself? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Spelling. Sep 05,  · Carl Sagan, Planetary Society co-founder, unveils the Pale Blue Dot image at a press conference on the Voyager missions in Music by General Fuzz Join u. + Larger view + High resolution JPEG (97Kb) Last September, a portion of Cassini's picture showing Earth was unveiled to an auditorium full of scientists attending the third Pale Blue Dot workshop at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.

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Seeing as the Voyager-1 spacecraft has been in the news recently, here's the story of a very special photograph that it took 23 years ago known. This narrow-angle color image of the Earth, dubbed 'Pale Blue Dot', is a part of and select the option 'Set the Background' or 'Set as Wallpaper' (or similar). If Carl Sagan was impressed with the Pale Blue Dot, he would have been equally blown away by this incredible image (launch high-resolution. Pale Blue Dot is. Pale Blue Dot is a photograph of planet Earth taken on February 14, , by the Voyager 1 mm high-resolution narrow-angle camera (NA) – the one that took Pale Blue Dot .. This page was last edited on 27 April , at (UTC). Earth, described by scientist Carl Sagan as a "Pale Blue Dot," as seen by Voyager 1 Highest-Resolution Page Updated: March 18,

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