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Feb 15,  · This release switches from the ctools wizard admin UI to a regular entity forms. This means that the admin UI no longer depends on ctools, customizations of the admin UI through form alter hooks will need to be updated. Issue # by rutiolma: Language aware entity in form display Issue # by oknate, Berdir: Coding Standard Fixes Issue # by oknate, msankhala. Entity Browser in Drupal 8 + Inline Entity Form: A Match Made in Heaven! With their forces combined, these two modules can instantly brighten up any content editor's day! Entity Browser easily integrates with Inline Entity Form, a “content editing” super tool which allows editors to easily manage content in the very same form. Mar 14,  · Goal of this module is to provide a generic entity browser/picker/selector. It can be used in any context where one needs to select few entities and do something with them. Possible use cases: powerfull entity reference widget, embedding entities into wysiwyg, you name it! 8.

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The Entity Browser module provides a very flexible and generic entity browsing and selecting tool. The Entity Browser module is one the tools from Drupal 8's collection that allows for easy and enjoyable media handling. See more about its. Entity Browser Widget for Dynamic Entity Reference, Needs work, Normal. How about easing your editors' lives with a custom-made entity handling workflow? See how you can configure your entity browser in Drupal 8 for that. Drupal has shipped with the Media Library! WYSIWYG embed support is now being worked on for a future release of Drupal 8 core, you can follow this Meta issue to Testing out the Media Entity Browser submodule.

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Webinar: How to Manage Media Assets in Drupal 8

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