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Desert Bus for Hope. LoadingReadyRun is perhaps best known for its Annual "Desert Bus For Hope" event. On November 23, , the group started a marathon game session of Desert Bus (a minigame from Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors) called Desert Bus for Hope to raise money for the charity Child's Play. The four-man team took turns playing the Developer(s): Imagineering. LoadingReadyRun, often abbreviated to LRR, is a Canadian sketch comedy troupe and video production team, based in Victoria, British Columbia, founded by Graham Stark and Paul workfromhomee.netng from its launch in October , a new piece of sketch comedy was posted to the site every week, without fail; all of them were written, performed and edited by members of the "LoadingReadyRun crew Created by: Graham Stark and Paul Saunders. Nov 22,  · Another Desert Bus, another massive success. The total was , this year when the stream finally went down. The gdocs sheet containing links to all the highlights can be found here. «Less Than A Week Until Desert Bus.

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DesertBus 8 - Tech Test. Start Time , , Other, Old-school Desertbus ( broadcast), -- , , Crash, Dix crashes the bus (Total count: 1). Desert Bus for Hope 8 began on November the 14th, at AM PST. Driver, Shift Start (PST), Total Money Raised During Shift, Avg. Donations Per. Desert Bus for Hope 9 began on November 14th, at AM PST, . Year 8 total exceeded ($,) - Friday, November 20, The annual Desert Bus for Hope marathon went nearly a full week this year, push the long-running charity event to more than $4 million, total. If you don't know what Desert Bus For Hope is, (from the info page): Total Money $ = 8 Hours ( Days) Total Money $ =

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