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Mar 01,  · View Display Options. MicroStation V8 introduces three types of On/Off switches that can be toggled by selecting the View Display option button from the Level Display Dialog. The View Display option should be used to turn levels On or Off in the views you specify, from 1 to 8. This is the most commonly used switch for MicroStation workflows. May 06,  · MicroStation Tip: Multi-snap and Setting Priority. 1. Open the Button Bar toolbox Settings > Snaps > Button Bar 2. Double click the Multi-snap 1 button on the Snap Button Bar toolbox. The Multi-snap 1 will be highlighted and shown as speckled gray. "Level Display" dialog in MicroStation is used to turn on and turn off levels in a model. This dialog contains the display control options (on/off switches): View Display, Global Display and Global Freeze as shown in below image. There is one more option: Viewport Freeze, accessible through keyin.

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How to turn off, turn on or toggle the display of a reference file key-in will turn on the Display of all attached references that have border either. Display sets display is controlled from the View Attributes dialog, where the. Display set control lets you turn their display on and off. With Display sets active, you. Do a CTRL+B and turn Displayset OFF. Turn all the levels back on; In the Named Group dialog do a Right-Click > Clear Display Set; All the. This tech note describes how Display Overrides and the New Level Display . to check that the levels are turned on and off correctly for a particular plan set. Ctrl+B to Open View Attributes. Turn off Front/Back Clip & Display Set. There are times when display depth is extremely useful but one must understand how to.

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