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Electrical Resonance—RLC circuits. 4 the resistor. Recall that the oscilloscope plots voltage on the y-axis and time on the x-axis. The magnitude of the voltage can be measured by counting the number of divisions on the scope and multiplying that number by the appropriate voltage/division. Figure RLC circuit to be used for performing AC analysis. wave, adjust its peak-to-peak voltage to V2 volts (which is a peak voltage of V2/2 volts) using the scope, and set its frequency to fc Hz. Check using the frequency counter and digital scope. Exp. E RLC Resonant Circuit 11 -6 E. Frequency response of resonant RLC circuit Here will find the voltage across the resistor, VR, as a function of frequency, for the RLC circuit shown in Figure In the experiment will plot these quantities, and you will find a resonance, as shown in Figure Using Eq. (), we see that VR = I R.

• Rlc circuit experiment pdf •

Experiment 10 ~ RLC Series circuit. Resonance in an RLC Series Circuit. Objective: To experimentally determine the resonance frequency in a series RLC . Experiment no. 2. R L C series circuits. Object: To study the characteristics of ac circuits. Apparatus: 1- Dual beam oscilloscope. 2- Function generator. In this experiment, we are mainly interested in verification of. Kirchhoff's voltage law for AC circuit. When an A.C. voltage (Rms) is applied to RLC series circuit as . A Series RLC Circuit. This lab will let you learn the characteristics of both amplitude and phase of a series RLC circuit. Theory. Inductors and Capacitors. EXPERIMENT 7: Resonance in RLC Circuits. Objectives: • Study the phenomenon of resonance in RLC circuits. • Determine the resonant frequency and.

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