Image not upload in code igniter

Mar 22,  · This post is about CodeIgniter(C.I.) file upload. By the use of file uploading class, you can easily upload a file or an image. One can easily validate and restrict file type, its size and can even provide various preferences while uploading a file or image. File Uploading with CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter has documented the Uploading process very well, by using the File Uploading library.. You could take a look at the sample code in the user guide; And also, in order to get a better understanding of the uploading configs, Check the Config items Explanation section at the end of the manual page.. Also there are couple of articles/samples about the. based on your code, i don't see if there is any form validation to validate the submitted input whether it's valid with your upload config or not. What you should do first: Check the file that you're trying to upload is appropriate with the upload config or not. I think CI's upload class doesn't cover errors from a non valid input form. CMIIW.

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Codeigniter file upload library is a very simple to use. ALTER TABLE `picture` MODIFY `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT;?>. CodeIgniter has an inbuilt upload library that allows to upload file. You can In this tutorial, I show how you can upload an image file to a directory in CodeIgniter . Check form submit or not if($this->input->post('upload')!. In CodeIgniter, if you want to upload image or any other file type then its Giving me a error “The upload path does not appear to be valid”. add form tag in your html . How to upload image to a database and a folder using Codeigniter PHP framework. `image_id` int(5) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT.

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Upload file in CodeIgniter -- Image upload with in a Folder using Codeigniter

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