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DB2® supports both IBM®-supplied data types (built-in data types) and user-defined data types (distinct types). The smallest unit of data that can be manipulated in SQL is called a value. How values are interpreted depends on the data type of their source. The DB2 Built-in Data Types. All data types include the null value. The null value is a special value that is distinct from all non-null values and thereby denotes the absence of a (non-null) value. Although all data types include the null value, columns defined as NOT NULL cannot contain null values. DB2 Data Types - Learn DB2 Concepts in simple and easy steps starting from their overview and then covering, introduction to db2, db2 server installation, db2 instance, databases, buffer pools, table spaces, storage groups, schemas, data type, tables, alias, constraints, indexes, triggers, sequences, views, db2 with xml, backup and recovery, database security, roles, ldap etc.

• Data types in db2 udb •

Most data types supported by IBM® DB2® UDB are compatible to Informix data types. DB2 V introduces the DECFLOAT(16) and DECFLOAT(34) floating. The DB2 data server supports a wide range of data types that can be used to declare variables in a PL/SQL block. UDB SQL Procedure . Table lists the data types available in IBM DB2 and their Oracle equivalents. . DB2 UDB Data Type, Description, Oracle Data Type. The smallest unit of data that can be manipulated in SQL is called a value. Values are interpreted according to the data type of their source. Sources include . Mapping to IBM DB2 LUW consolidated data types. The following table identifies There is no corresponding data type in IBM DB2 LUW. If the IBM DB2 LUW.

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DB2 LUW v11.1: Recover Dropped Tables

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