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"Cisco VPN Client ver supports Windows Vista and Windows 7 in both the x86 (bit) and x64 (bit) editions. Cisco VPN Client does support Windows XP 32 bit only, but Windows XP 64 bit . We were running fine on a bit Windows 7 laptop using the k9 bit client, and a few days ago it stopped working. It would just hang while starting/connecting. I tried re-installing, which of course didn't work, but I was able to find. Oct 07,  · Anyhow, I asked my host about bit clients, since we know Cisco doesn't make a bit client, and they suggested either NCP or Shrewsoft, neither of which currently works under Windows 7. I was wondering if anyone else has been able to connect to a Cisco Ipsec firewall using W7 bit .

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This VPN client is provided for users of the Okanogan If running Windows Vista or 7 you may need to open Firewall ports to allow the VPN client to Click here to download the 64 bit version of the SonicWALL Client. The IPsec VPN client for windows 7 64 bit is Thanx you so much for your posting, Let me install in my windows 7 machine and let u back if i have any. The first thing to do is to get the latest version of Cisco VPN Client, for bit systems or for bit systems. Cisco has recently released client BETA that has Windows bit support. If you have a Cisco CCO login, here's the link Cisco. This is the VPN Client Installer for WIN 64 Bit. Tags: 64, cisco, client, installer, vpn, window.

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Cisco - Windows x64 Bit VPN Client (IPSEC)

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