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LD path customisation on Solaris. The command you are looking for is crle(1) - this is the equivalent of Linux's ldconfig but even more powerful. Read the man pages to crle for all the details. But here's a quick howto - how to add /usr/local/lib to the default workfromhomee.net1 path. While I now understand that on Solaris, the default even when running on a bit kernel is to build applications as m32, unless -m64 is explicitly provided; I cannot seem to properly configure default search paths for clang, though gcc is working just fine and dandy. This section describes the commands and utilities available with this operating system, including commands found only in the SunOS/BSD Compatibility Package, commands for communicating with other systems, commands associated with the Form and Menu Language Interpreter (FMLI), and commands specific to the SunOS™ available options, arguments, and operands for each .

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The command you are looking for is crle(1) - this is the equivalent of Linux's ldconfig but even more powerful. Read the man pages to crle for all. Hey guys I have a solaris 10 OS, with a zone configured. I then tried adding the path to these libraries using crle, but that didn't work either. using ld and the -r option on solaris 7 with compiler option -xarch=v9 . of ia64 binaries for Solaris8 crle(1)'s default directories should be supplied patch Solaris/SunOS _sparc patch Solaris/ SunOS . RFE: man page for ld(1) does not document all -z or -B options in Solaris 8. man pages section 1: User Commands Oracle Solaris 10 8/11 Information Library .. can be modified using a configuration file that is created with crle(1). [Dovecot] configure forgets to add -lgcc_s under Solaris 10 Alternatively, you can use crle (man crle) to set up your load environment.

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Transitioning From Solaris10 To Solaris11

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