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How can i draw a line graph in Java Swing.I'm making a program in which when user clicks on a jframe it will record its coordinate and when it click on a button named Draw Graph, it generates a line graph . I'm wondering if there's a funciton in Java that can draw a line from the coordinates (x1, x2) to (y1, y2)? What I want is to do something like this: drawLine(x1, x2, x3, x4); And I want to be a. This tutorial shows you how to draw XY line charts using JFreechart - the most popular chart generation framework in Java. An XY line chart is suitable for representing dataset in form of series of (x, y) points, such as mathematical graphs, coordinate-based objects, etc.

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Hey, i am trying to find a way to draw a simple graph in a frame. Your help would be greatly appreciated as i am new to Java Swing. Thanks!!!!. Use Swing and the 2d drawing primitives. See this question: Drawing a simple line graph in Java 2. Use a library like JFreeChart - see: JFreeChart: Line Chart. Line-graph drawable: Line «2D Graphics GUI «Java. This method will not draw a graph if the data given is null or empty. * * @param graphics * the graphics. I wana create a java program that can plot graph for example with the following data: x-axis: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 import workfromhomee.net*; But is it possible to link the line together and label the x and y axis?. Simple graph drawing class Bert Huang COMS Data Structures and import workfromhomee.net*; public class GraphDraw extends JFrame { int width; int height; ArrayList nodes; ArrayList edges; public GraphDraw() drawLine(workfromhomee.net(e.i).x, workfromhomee.net(e.i).y, workfromhomee.net(e.j).x, workfromhomee.net(e.j).y); } for (Node n.

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How to Draw Lines in Java : Java & Other Tech Tips

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