Zoom g5 vs pod hd 500 s

Jun 03,  · Zoom G5 Vs HD In previous articles, we have compared Zoom G5 to Zoom G5n and Boss ME This time, though, we are going to discuss about Zoom G5 and POD HD These guitar pedal models often cause confusion among people who are looking for a powerful and reliable guitar pedal. They are both equally famous on the market.. Help me to choose between 2 gears! [LINE 6 POD HD vs. BOSS GT] (workfromhomee.net) I love the HD 's ability to run two parallel signal chains with 2 different amps on each. of research. Based on that, I suggest you have a look at Fender Mustang Floor and Zoom G5. Newer generation than the L6, fraction of the price. Do some research. Sep 22,  · The HD is superior to both IMO, either the original or X models. There is a much larger user base with a central patch exchange put on by the company making the unit. Both the G5 and HD have computer editors. Can't speak for the G5n on that front, but when released it .

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I have the HD and just want to point out that it's of course much more than a multi effects pedal. I'd say it's an amp modeler first, and a really. But not sure if HD s are significantly better sounding than rp or not?? I' ve not heard a direct comparison of the two, but the Pod HD range is supposed to . Zoom G3X is a G3 with pedal and Zoom G5 is a stepup in. Line 6 POD HD (or HD if there's a reasonable explanation for the extra price) Likewise, if you see an advantage that one of those has any other(s), feel free to I have a ZOOM G3, which is more or less a stripped down G5. . chord using tubes vs computers, even on a small amp tube combo. Line 6 Pod Hdx Vs Zoom G5n 23 vote(s) Zoom G5n and POD HDX, is in my list. which one is better in quality of tone? btw, right. You can say "Zoom G5n es cheaper than GT and HDx but not in my country. GT has it all, with the dual amps/cabinets, S/R loop, sound looper, metal GT vs HDx=both have decent amp sims and effects, both have good you know, Roland+Boss maybe is better than Roland+Line6.

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