Text indent not working in ie7

Basically, when using text-indent on the icon, Internet Explorer 7 (IE9 in Compatibility Mode) moves the element off-screen, not just the text. For some reason, this only happens in certain circumstances in table cells (I think it's when the element is on its own in a cell). Is it possible to fix the negative text-indent problem in IE to hide text when using a background image for buttons? Asked almost 10 years ago by Lee Simpson. text-indent; ie8; This works in IE6 and IE7. IE8 doesn't have the problem. Answered almost 10 years ago by Dylan Harrington. Lee Simpson 4 points. Paul. I don't unfortunately as. Apr 03,  · 1. Re: TEXT-INDENT NOT WORKING Newsgroup_User Apr 2, AM (in response to jinxed) You don't need to respecify styles that will inherit or default styles. You. could achieve the same styles with the following -. workfromhomee.net_link_buttons {. color: #; font-family: Myriad, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana, sans-serif;.

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text-indent: px;. font-size: 0;. display:block;. line-height: 0;. } /*. font-size is used to reduce the font size and works well in IE7. But even. IE text-indent bug fix URL: workfromhomee.net indent-is-not-working-in-ie7. Expand | Embed | Plain Text. Go CSS: workfromhomee.net { text-indent: px; text-transform: capitalize; } Negative- indent alone I used line-height: px for this problem before and it worked. When Making links with Background images to keep text visible to search engines or text-to-speech applications we use Text indent about large negative values. IE6 and IE7: z-index not working inside a position: relative block Specifying a text-indent should push the text inside an element; it should not push the.

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CSS video tutorial - 59 - CSS text indent property vs HTML

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