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Mar 25,  · Under the Dome is a self-funded documentary investigating air pollution in China. Made by celebrity journalist Chai Jing, this controversial film has been described as China’s version of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.. Chai Jing, started creating this documentary after she has learned that her unborn daughter had developed a tumor in the womb, which was subsequently removed after her birth/5(4). In the latest installment of our mini-documentary series, "Under the Dome," we chronicle the path state Rep. Dennis Bonnen took to become the next likely speaker of the Texas House. Under the Dome being aired via the People’s Daily Online–the flagship website of the Communist Party of China–indicated that the documentary may have received official support, and been facilitating government environmental policy or speaking for official workfromhomee.neted by: Chai Jing.

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Chai Jing's Under the Dome is not a documentary film in a conventional form, such as direct cinema or cinema verite. It is a multimedia work. "Under the Dome", a documentary investigating pollution and air quality in China, drew hundreds of millions of Moreover the film's director, journalist Chai Jing, had input from Jining's ministry, with officials explaining Main topic(s): Climate. Under the Dome is a self-financed, Chinese documentary film by Chai Jing, a former China Central Television journalist, concerning air pollution in China. Part of the reason Under the Dome has been hailed such a revelation is that until now the issue of pollution in China has been, in many ways. At times, the documentary is deeply personal. Near the start of the documentary, Ms Chai interviews a six-year-old living in the coal-mining.

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Part 3 of 8 "Under The Dome" Documentary on China's Pollution by Chai Jing (Best English Subtitles)

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