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Jun 01,  · Well, for a few small dungeons anyway. It’s a Four Swords esque experience where you play through new levels based on the Great Deku Tree, Dodongo’s Cavern and the Ice Cavern, and then fight a boss at the end. Except you know, the game is in full 3D, like the game it was based on. If it's a high-end game on a low-end system it'll lag (that's why you can't emulate an N64 on a DS). And of course high-end games on high-end systems result in having a hard time adding extra views. In terms of emulation, yea, there's no problem adding in multiple views or even online play. Apr 05,  · Unfortunately it is not a romhack like Super Mario 64/Galaxy Co-Op. It is an emulator + LUA scripts to synchronize up to 4 players in the current version (it will grow in future releases, someone talked about 15 players lol).

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A creative mod for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has just been released, bringing the co-operative four player dungeon solving. The love for Ocarina of Time continues to pour out. This time around, we see a hack that turns the game into a 4-player co-op experience, much. A group of modders have turned an N64 Rom for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into a 4-player multiplayer experience for everyone to. workfromhomee.net?v=SuhirsPY I have actually played it before but I was wondering if anyone knew how to bind the mod to a. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time is one of the quintessential singleplayer As you can see in the video below, two players are able to run.

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OoT Online Highlights - 4-Player Chaos

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