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May 08,  · Below are just a sampling of the thousands of fabulous music videos from the 80s. We’ve tried to narrow down the s of songs that make the 80s so awesome to a manageable top songs of the 80s. If there is an 80s music video that you like or miss that we don’t include here – let us know. We’ll try to track it down. Aug 01,  · The 10 Best '80s Music Videos: Poll Results. Three weeks ago, in anticipation of MTV's 30th birthday today (Aug. 1), we asked our readers to celebrate three decades of music television by voting on the best videos of the s, s and s, each week in a separate poll. Now, we are proud to present the top ten of the s, as voted by you, the Jessica Letkemann. Great article. I'm also a 90s kid, but I love the 80s movies & cartoons too. Good choices, Caveman was a really funny movie I loved as a kid. Friday the 13th, Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Poltergeist were good choices too. Another movie that could've made the list is The Goonies.

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The Most Awesomely Eighties s Music Videos . In New Edition's “Cool It Now” alone, every group member sports a different bold shade. Saturday, August 1, , was a day that will live on in infamy for music lovers. It was the day MTV was born, kicking off an era of hour-a-day. The best 80s music videos not only defined the decade, they influenced fashions and elevated the music video to the status of high art. Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club once crooned that video killed the radio star , but their tongue-in-cheek song would later become MTV's. 'Karma Chameleon': What does a riverboat card shark have to do with the colors red, gold and green?.

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Top 10 Decade Defining Music Videos of the 1980s

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