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Nov 23,  · Jazak'Allah Means = " "May Allah Grant(or give) you" It does not have any meaning to it, if it is said just like this. You Have to Add something to It like for instance Jazak'Allahu Khair which Means "May Allah grant you with Good" This has a Meaning or. Mar 07,  · Saying “Jazak ALLAHu khayran”. The word wa-iyyaakum has the same meaning and is the shorter version of wa-antum-fajazakumullahu-khair. Not a big deal though, but it is always better to use the words that are transmitted in sunnah than words that we invent. The correct way of saying May ALLAH reward you with good in different grammatical forms. Apr 05,  · Jazaak comes from the root word jazaa ' (جزاء) which according to the popular Arabic-English dictionary, Al - Mawrid, has two meanings that are completely opposite to each other! Thus jazaa' (جزاء) can either mean reward OR punishment. So:"JazakAllah" can .

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thanks for the lyrics of Ya Taiba.., Jazak Allah., May Allah Bless You. Reply Salam, do you have the translation of nasheed Ya Mekah? Reply. 31 كانون الأول (ديسمبر) Translation of 'Seedna Issa (سيدنا عيسى)' by Mostafa Atef (مصطفى عاطف) from Oh God, all my life I've dreamt of meeting Our Lady Mariam. Hallel a Hebrew word and also used in Arabic, since childhood when told to hallel means to say la illah illallah (God is one) repeatedly. Masha Allah also Masha'Allah, Ma shaa Allah is an Arabic phrase that is most often translated The literal English translation is "God has willed it", the present perfect of God's will Fi amanillah, in the protection of God; Jazakallah, may God reward you [with] goodness; Mazel tov, good fortune; Subḥānallāh, God is perfect. Jazak' Allah Firdoos which Means " May Allah Grant you a High Station in Lirik Maher Zain - Thank You Allah Lirik " Thank You Allah " dari lagu religi ini.

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