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Erwin Schrödinger invented the electron cloud model of the atom. This atomic model does not specifically pinpoint where an electron is likely to be as the Bohr model does. Instead, it depicts all the positions where an electron might be, which generates a cloud of possible locations that gets denser as it approaches the nucleus. Apr 08,  · The Electron Cloud Model was of the greatest contributions of the 20th century, leading to a revolution in physics and quantum theory. The atomic orbital model thus predicts line spectra, which are observed experimentally. This is one of the main validations of the atomic orbital model. The atomic orbital model is nevertheless an approximation to the full quantum theory, which only recognizes many electron states.

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Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger () developed an “Electron Cloud Model” in It consisted of a dense nucleus surrounded by a cloud of. The quantum mechanical model presents the atom as an electron cloud. AR Atom Visualizer is a valuable pedagogical tool that helps to begin answering. Before understanding what an electron cloud model is, it is important to know about the forces that bind the electrons together. You might also. Electron Cloud Model Of Atom | Basic Laser Principles - Laser-IT Jacob Green this electron cloud model is easy to understand and would make a good tool. A human being. See What Is The Electron Cloud Model? - Universe Today.

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Wave Model of an Electron

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